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Jano van Hemert

Past » RandomCsp

RandomCSP: generating constraint satisfaction problems randomly
info J.I. van Hemert @ 1998/04/01, Leiden, The Netherlands

The RandomCsp library has three goals

To facilitate as a suit of programs to create and analyse randomly created binary constraint satisfaction problems,
for those who do not like to work with libraries for any reason a suite of programs is included that provides a simple interface to the library. With these programs it is easy to create a set of random problem instances, to verify solutions and to analyse instances on a number of features.
To be used as a library to implement and test new or existing constraint satisfaction solving techniques,
the library part has an extended documentation of its class hierarchy that helps new developers on their way creating new tools or solving techniques for binary constraint satisfaction. At the same time the library allows testing using a number of theoretical models.
To be freely available for anyone,
the library and programs that come with it are all licensed under the Gnu Public License, ensuring free use forever.

RandomCSP version 1.8.0
software J.I. van Hemert @ 2004/02/16, Leiden, The Netherlands

Changes with previous (1.7.0) version: Added Model RB by Xu and Li; works now with GCC-3.3.2; changed default output from list to matrix

RandomCSP version 1.7.0
software J.I. van Hemert @ 2002/06/24, Leiden, The Netherlands

Changes with previous (1.6.1) version: Added Model F by MacIntyre etal.: an improvement over Model E by Achlioptas et al. when concerned with the density property in constraint satisfaction problems.

Publications that use RandomCSP
news J.I. van Hemert @ 2002/06/24, Leiden, The Netherlands

The publications below all use RandomCsp

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Comparing classical methods for solving binary constraint satisfaction problems with state of the art evolutionary computation
J.I. van Hemert
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J.I. van Hemert
Master's thesis, Leiden University, 1998.