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Jano van Hemert

Past » Disc-Cover

Disc-Cover: Quick overview
info J.I. van Hemert @ 1999/04/11

Produce covers for audio cds. It scans audio cds and uses information from the cddb database to build a back and front cover for the cd. The cover is output is in Latex, Dvi, Pdf or Postscript. This little gadget lets you produce covers without typing in all the information yourself. An easy way to replace all those lost covers. Some of its main features are,

  • uses Latex to produce high quality output,
  • outputs in Latex, Dvi, Postscript, Pdf, Cddb entry, HTML, ASCII and a format to use with the application cdlabelgen,
  • supports caching of cddb entries in a directory that can be shared with other freedb-aware programs,
  • connects with a freedb server to get the disc title, artist and list of track titles and extended information where available,
  • optionally let Disc-Cover search on allmusic.com for a small version of the corresponding front cover of the cd, which it will put on your front cover,
  • optionally put a picture on the front cover, supports almost any image format,
  • assign different colours to different items such as artist name and track numbers,
  • supports covers for double albums,
  • output for jewel cases and various slim cases.

Disc-Cover On-line
info J.I. van Hemert @ 2001/04/01

For those depending on Windows or for those who dare not attempt to install Disc-Cover on their own system, you can divert to one of these web page for creating covers on-line. It is easy to use and runs the latest Disc-Cover, so go ahead and give it a try. Try one of the servers below (many thanks to those who have set up a mirror):

Disc-Cover Examples
info J.I. van Hemert @ 2002/06/17

Righteous Pigs / Stress Related · has 28 tracks
[ tex | dvi | ps | cddb | pdf | txt | lbl | jpg | html ]

Napalm Death / From Enslavement to Obliteration + Scum · has 54 tracks
[ tex | dvi | ps | cddb | pdf | txt | lbl | jpg | html ]

Nine Inch Nails / Broken · has 99 tracks
[ tex | dvi | ps | cddb | pdf | txt | lbl | jpg | html ]

Aphex Twin / Girl-Boy E.P. · has extended disc information
[ tex | dvi | ps | cddb | pdf | txt | lbl | jpg | html ]

Polygon Window / Surfing On Sine Wave · shows output formatted for a slim case
[ tex | dvi | ps | cddb | pdf | txt | lbl | jpg | html ]

Pink Floyd / The Wall · double album: 2 cds on one cover
[ tex | dvi | ps | cddb1 | cddb2 | pdf | txt | lbl | jpg | html ]

Bogdan Raczynski / Samurai Math Beats
[ photo ]

Disc-Cover version 1.5.6
software J.I. van Hemert @ 2006/06/20, Edinburgh, UK

Revisions: problems with latex-3 fixed, allmusic options works again, some new templates, new option template_list.

Disc-Cover webserver version 1.0
software J.I. van Hemert @ 2006/06/21, Edinburgh, UK

This version works with Disc-Cover version 1.5.6.

Disc-Cover hosted on SourceForge
news J.I. van Hemert @ 2005/05/02, Edinburgh, UK

From now on, the development of Disc-Cover is hosted on SourceForge. You can get the latest CVS version from there.

Disc-Cover hosted on SourceForge

Disc-Cover RPM packages
info J.I. van Hemert @ 1999/04/11, Alphen a/d Rijn, The Netherlands
[ url ]

For those who use RPM packages, please use the above url to find the latest release(s) of Disc-Cover.

Disc-Cover Debian packages
info B. Warmerdam @ 1999/04/11, Alphen a/d Rijn, The Netherlands
[ url ]

For those who use Debian packages, please use the above url to find the latest release(s) of Disc-Cover.

Disc-Cover NetBSD packages
info M. Drochner @ 2006/06/20,
[ url ]

For those who use NetBSD, please use the above url to find the latest release(s) of Disc-Cover.

Best of Linux Award for Disc-Cover
news @ 2000/06/28

Disc-Cover was labelled 'Best of Linux' at Linux Central here is the review:

 It's hard to believe that once upon a time Disc Cover would not have been an end-user product. When the compact disc format was initially released -- right in the middle of an early 80's recession -- consumers were reluctant. Who had money to spend on a gadget that couldn't even record. My, how times have changed.

For those of you who were less than an abstract concept during 1981, it may come as a surprise to learn that compact disc players weren't always the 9 special at Circuit City. Some of the first devices to hit the market sold in the 00 - 200 range, and prices really didn't settle down to a sane level for another five or six years. Hard to believe these things eventually became the preferred medium for movable data, isn't it?

A new computer without a CD-ROM drive is almost as rare as a profitable dotcom enterprise these days. In fact, the day has long since passed when offering a mere CD-ROM was considered a bonus for a new computer: some of today's higher-end devices include CD-RW drive that enables users to make their very own data and audio compact discs. If you're burning audio data onto those compact discs, then Disc Cover should be an essential part of your software collection.

Creating covers for compact discs is really a boring duty -- all that typing and guesswork to get the cover just right. The makers of Disc Cover figured you have better things to do with your time, so they came up with an ingenious automated solution that makes creating audio CD covers almost as easy as playing those tunes. Slip a compact disc in the appropriate slot, Disc Cover grabs track and album information from the CDDB database, then spits out a back and front cover that's just the right size for a jewel case.

Your finished cover is produced in one of four formats. Choose between Latex, DVI, PDF, or PostScript for your printing needs. Depending on your output and printing formats, you might need to download a few extra chunks of software; check the developer's site for the full scoop. If you need to create or replace covers for your new or existing compact discs, this is the program you want.

Disc-Cover in Linux Magazin
news Linux-Magazin-Verlag @ 1999/09/01 · http://www.linux-magazin.de/Artikel/ausgabe/1999/09/

Disc-Cover appears in the German Linux Magazin: