Dr Jano van Hemert, FRSE

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Binary constraint satisfaction problem sets

28 Oct 2004

These are binary constraint satisfaction problems created to test the performance of algorithms. The first set covers the landscape of solvable to non-solvable problems and covers the phase transition of easy to hard to easy. The second set comprises small to large problems.

See these papers for a detailed description:

  • Comparing Evolutionary Algorithms on Binary Constraint Satisfaction Problems (B.G.W. Craenen, A.E. Eiben, J.I. van Hemert), In IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation, volume 7, 2003.
  • Application of Evolutionary Computation to Constraint Satisfaction and Data Mining (J.I. van Hemert), PhD thesis, Leiden University, 2002. (ISBN: 90-6734-057-X)